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SpeedInfo’s real-time traffic flow data service includes three elements: the company’s patented (US patent #7558695 B2), innovative solar-powered radar sensors, wireless communications via the AT&T Wireless® network and data customization and dissemination through the company’s proprietary hardware and software. Combined, these elements provide SpeedInfo partners the most accurate, reliable and low cost traffic flow information available.
solar-powered dopplar radar sensors
At the core of SpeedInfo’s data service is the DVSS-100 Doppler radar Speed Sensor, a patented (US patent #7558695 B2) system which measures the speed of vehicles on both sides of the highway from a single device. The DVSS-100 sensor is fully self-contained and roadside-mounted. Because it’s solar powered, it does not require any wiring or electricians to install it. The DVSS-100 mounts quickly on existing poles, road signs, or overpasses and performs maintenance free for years. SpeedInfo’s sensors directly measure traffic flow at programmable rates: 24x7.
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wireless backhaul
The SpeedInfo ITMS-100 Infrared Traffic Measurement System is a fully self-contained, roadside mounted, vehicle traffic measurement sensor. This non-intrusive, high performance sensor platform uses thermal imaging technology, GSM wireless networks, and solar power technology to accurately measure on a continuous basis: vehicle counts, speed and classification by lane at any desired location using existing infrastructure. In addition to low unit cost, the sensor is extremely robust and will perform maintenance free for years. The sensor is battery powered, solar charged, mounts quickly on existing poles or overpasses, and supports pictures on demand with optional wireless cameras. The ITMS-100 uses a long wave infrared bolometer coupled to a Digital Signal Processor to measure vehicles and calculate vehicle speeds by lane. The ITMS-100 is capable of determining vehicle count, speed and classification for a multiple lane freeway or highway. Sensor measurement information is backhauled to the SpeedInfo data server over a GSM cellular data link and supplied to customers via an XML data feed.
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    data customization and dissemination
The final component of SpeedInfo’s traffic data service is the company’s proprietary server and software technology that customizes and disseminates traffic data to SpeedInfo partners. SpeedInfo can customize the data each partner receives to include text, graphics or both, each available in a variety of formats to fit a partner’s business model. The company provides average speeds for important travel corridors, where no data currently exists, and guarantees performance and data availability levels. Partners have the flexibility to communicate SpeedInfo data as a complete solution or to integrate it with other traffic related data to create distinct, private-branded services for drivers.
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