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Online traffic information services are among the thousands of businesses enabled by the Internet. Most are founded on advertising-based business models – they are paid based on page views and click thrus.  When consumers find a site they believe provides accurate information, they may bookmark it and return frequently. But the Internet traffic data comes from the same few aggregators relying upon public traffic data and limited data sources. As with other conventional traffic suppliers, much of the information on these services is inaccurate, incomplete or simply wrong.  To cover for missing or incomplete data, some providers use arbitrary ratings or factors that cannot be correlated to any real data. For example, when a driver goes onto a site and traffic is rated a “3,” what does that really mean?  Is traffic improving or worsening?  How old is that information? Is a back up caused by an accident that might be cleared in 10 minutes, or a construction project that will last 10 months?  What does it mean when it changes to “8”?

SpeedInfo’s real-time traffic data service provides a win-win for Internet service providers. We offer the most accurate and comprehensive information, our content is directly measured and verifiably tied to the real-time conditions every minute. Our data arrives to the service provider in about three seconds, and we are the lowest cost producer of this high quality data.

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