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weather central, inc.
WRAL-TV, Raleigh, NC. Greenlight 1.0 Weather & Traffic

Weather Central Inc. is the leader in providing professional on-air, online, and print weather systems and forecasting utilizing dynamic weather graphics, precise forecast models and data, and patented technology. More than 500 customers worldwide enjoy the benefits of Weather Central’s attention to detail and insight about serving their total weather graphics needs. Products and services available from Weather Central, and its affiliated companies - MyWeather and WCInteractive - are: RouteCast, the world’s first comprehensive integrated traffic and weather solution for local media, 3D:LIVE™, :LIVE, and NBC Weather Plus weather presentation systems, ESP:LIVE™ storm tracking system, A.D.O.N.I.S. FutureCast® and A.D.O.N.I.S. MicroCast® proprietary forecast models, MetroVision™ forecast visualization tool, WxWarn2™ severe weather crawl system, Personal MicroCast® and Live Online™ individualized, online weather information and forecast products, ScreenWRITER® and SportsWRITER® interactive news and sports presentation systems, and WxPoint™ automated localized weather display system.
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speedinfo in the spotlight
    “Sigalert.com has been utilizing SpeedInfo traffic data in the San Francisco Bay Area for approximately one year. In that time, we have not received a single complaint about quality or accuracy of their data. Given that well over 300,000 unique visitors have seen their data in that time, we feel this is an outstanding track record. We wish we could say the same about the Caltrans loop detector data. In addition, the SpeedInfo personnel we’ve worked with, on both the business and technical sides of their business, have proven to be as straightforward, honest, and trustworthy as their sensors. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about other private traffic data providers.”

President, SigAlert.com - MR. JONATHAN BERKE

“Our partnership with SpeedInfo enables PBS&J to work with our clients to install data collection when they need it, where they need it. With SpeedInfo’s business model, we can offer significant value through high quality, low-cost traffic data.”

Associate VP and Division Manager, Transportation for PBS&J - MR. RICK SCHUMAN

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