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When commuters wake up in the morning, drivers get behind the wheel, truck dispatchers arrive at work – they all turn on the radio for the latest traffic report.  Up to the minute, accurate traffic information translates to getting to work, making that meeting and arriving at destinations on time, or simply avoiding frustration.  Market research has shown that the radio stations with the highest ratings are the ones with the best traffic information. SpeedInfo’s real-time traffic data service offers radio producers the most accurate, lowest cost information available, and delivers it to the radio network faster than any other solution. 

AM Radio
Most AM radio networks today rely exclusively on real-time observations from the air or listener response, which provides anecdotal information only, typically is available during rush hour exclusively, and rarely includes suggestions for alternate routes.  SpeedInfo believes the best traffic information integrates direct observation from the air with a comprehensive 24/7 approach that measures traffic flow (speed).  This integrated approach enables radio producers to use SpeedInfo data to direct helicopters, or fixed wing aircraft to the most congested areas during rush hour, and at other times lets listeners know traffic speeds and travel times on key routes.

FM Radio
People typically tune into their favorite FM radio stations to hear music or other forms of entertainment.  But, at rush hour or other peak traffic times, many change to an AM station to get up-to-the-minute traffic.  Unfortunately for the FM networks, listeners often don’t switch back after getting their traffic “fix.”

SpeedInfo’s highly-accurate, low-cost traffic information is the ideal antidote to this situation.  Our flow-based data provides better information about the real-time conditions and the resulting effect on the roadways, than most AM networks offer their listeners, and  we deliver it to the station faster and for less cost.

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