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511/Traveler Information Systems
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State and local Departments of Transportation and Metropolitan Planning Organizations are eager to meet federal mandates for improved traveler information systems and to provide accurate traffic data to drivers with the goal of reducing congestion, improving network efficiency and obtaining high-quality information for planning. At the same time, these organizations must deal with the reality of limited resources and competing State and local transportation requirements.  Add to this mix the fact that high costs have limited a DOT’s focus on operational data needs and that most metropolitan areas have coverage only highways, and incomplete coverage even there. The result is traveler information systems that are not equipped to provide the level of information and service that their constituents might expect.

Many agencies are turning to public-private partnerships to pay for and build roads, and to technology partnerships to provide the data they need to reduce or manage congestion, inform drivers, and improve mobility.  Additionally, these partnerships add systems integration expertise which is a new competency required to incorporate traffic data from multiple sources such as toll tag reading systems, cameras, radars and more conventional technologies.

To address this opportunity, SpeedInfo is working with more than a dozen DOTs and MPOs to deploy its highly-accurate, low-cost Doppler radar sensors to blanket entire metro areas, or to form hybrid networks that integrate information from existing systems as well as SpeedInfo’s system. Because SpeedInfo sensors install quickly and are affordable, these government organizations can secure accurate-to-the-minute information, comprehensive coverage, and rapid deployment while staying within budget guidelines.
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