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Emergency Evacuation
do you know your flow?
Hurricane Katrina exposed the dangers of an inadequate traffic management system.  Local roads and arterials quickly clogged and without a centralized, coordinated approach, traffic management was reduced to local law enforcement officials making decisions that despite good intentions often worsened the situation.  Part of implementing a comprehensive approach includes securing accurate traffic data along local and arterial routes as well as state, U.S. and interstate highways.  Accurate and timely traffic flow (speed) information in easy to integrate standardized formats can provide traffic managers at the local, county and state levels with the information they need to get citizens out of harm’s way. 

SpeedInfo’s real-time data service is especially suited for emergency evacuation information systems.  Sensors are solar powered and do not require an independent electrical source – as a result, they continue to deliver data during power outages.  Sensors provide data to information centers in as little as three seconds – ensuring accurate-to-the-minute data for decision making.  And, SpeedInfo’s data service is provides the lowest-cost information available, enabling DOTs to cover more roads with fewer budget dollars.

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