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Incident Detection
do you know your flow?
Roadway incidents take many forms:  collisions, debris on the roadway, disabled cars on the roadway or shoulder, the list is nearly endless.  To track or determine the location of these incidents, some DOTs have tried to adapt their systems to use loop detectors buried in the roadway to detect the presence or absence of cars in a lane, and in this way, determine where incidents might have occurred. However, loop technology is expensive, and highly unreliable.

Enter SpeedInfo, with a new data service approach.  Our sensors can densely cover important highways and arterial routes with point-based measurements, giving DOTs the information required to quickly detect an incident, determine severity and impact, and deploy rapid removal teams to quickly remove stranded cars.  Because SpeedInfo’s sensors are low cost, and easily deployed without disrupting traffic,  DOTs can cover much more highway than inductive loop or any other systems.

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