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North Carolina Dept of Transportation
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SpeedInfo has deployed 50 sensors along key arterial and evacuation routes from the District, including six evacuation routes that run from the National Mall to the Beltway. The deployment supports DDOT’s Operation Fast Forward II and its Traffic Management Center. Sensors also cover portions of I-295 and I-395. DDOT uses flow data from the sensor network to evaluate emergency signal timing patterns and emergency transportation communication protocols as well as offer improved traveler information.

The District of Columbia government's Department of Transportation's (DDOT) mission is to enhance the quality of life for District residents and visitors by ensuring that people, goods, and information move efficiently and safely, with minimal adverse impacts on residents and the environment. The District of Columbia government's Department of Transportation (DDOT) manages and maintains transportation infrastructure. The Department:
  • Plans, designs, constructs, and maintains the District's streets, alleys, sidewalks, bridges, traffic signals, and street lights
  • Manages and makes improvements to the street system to facilitate traffic flow through the District of Columbia
  • Assists with the removal of snow and ice from the streets, and the coordination of activities during snow emergencies
  • Coordinates the District's mass transit services, including the reduced-fare program for students using MetroBus and MetroRail
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speedinfo in the spotlight
    “We continue to be pleased with the ease of deployment, reliability and quality information the SpeedInfo system provides.Our installed base of SpeedInfo sensors continues to meet our expectations and with this level of performance and support, SpeedInfo sensors make it easy for us to expand coverage and enhance information for our local commuters and state travelers.”

State Research and Planning Engineer for WSDOT - MR. MATTHEW NEELEY

“Data from the SpeedInfo network has proven to be highly accurate and our partnership continues to expand our coverage and capabilities. With SpeedInfo, we can quickly respond to new congestion locations and provide high quality information for traffic operations and to drivers through MTC’s industry-leading 511 web and phone service."

Director of Traveler Coordination and Information, San Francisco Bay Area Metropolitan Transportation Commission - MS. MELANIE CROTTY

“Our partnership with SpeedInfo has been terrific. They’ve been very responsive and filled in virtually all of our coverage gaps on major highways, making our industry-leading 511 service even more useful to drivers and traffic operations.”

Executive Director, San Francisco Bay Area Metropolitan Transportation Commission - MR. STEVE HEMINGER

"The SpeedInfo Project is a great example of government and industry working together to provide better service to the public. Their speed detection equipment is simple to install, reliable, and accurate. SpeedInfo has significantly improved the traffic data coverage in the San Francisco Bay Area."

Director, California Department of Transportation - MR. WILL KEMPTON
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