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Hd Radio
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HD FM radio technology essentially divides existing radio station frequencies into multiple channels. These new channels provide station operators with expanded air inventory and additional bandwidth for transmitting digital data. In addition to improved sound quality, the new bandwidth provides a low cost digital pipe to the car which can be used to transmit local area road maps and current traffic flow conditions. Accurate, reliable and low-cost traffic information is an important piece of establishing HD FM radio as a viable business over the long term.

Thatís where SpeedInfo comes in. Our accurate-to-the-minute information provides the coverage, quality and reliability that drivers expect, with the low cost that producers need. SpeedInfo sensors collect traffic flow information for an entire metropolitan area continuously, a more efficient and effective approach for creating digital data for transmission on limited bandwidth. It is hard and costly to turn the analog observations via helicopters or other motorists reporting incidents into meaningful data for digital processors to compute and display SpeedInfo real-time traffic service goes the extra mile to help HD FM radio designers and producers move their networks into the fast lane

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