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Drivers want traffic information all the time.  The availability of accurate, low-cost navigation systems, wireless devices, Satellite and HD FM radios and other new ways to receive information has made that possible.    To be valuable, however, this traffic information must be comprehensive, accurate-to-the-minute and cost effective for the wireless operator, radio producer, or content provider to purchase.  People can plan their trips in advance, while they are walking to their cars, as well as while they are en route. These new devices combined with accurate, current traffic information are a winning combination. 

Navigation system providers, wireless operators, MVNOs, Satellite and HD FM radio producers and other types of content providers are coming to SpeedInfo to get the critical traffic information they need. The company’s technology combines wireless network design expertise with solar-powered Doppler radar that is optimized for real-time speed measurement. The autonomous speed sensors are attached to existing infrastructure such as light or sign poles along highways. Real-time traffic flow data is backhauled via the multi-billion dollar AT&T Wireless® network. Using its technology, SpeedInfo creates, enhances and distributes real-time traffic flow data in whatever format the information provider requires to ensure their customers receive an accurate-to-the-minute review of traffic congestion with a focus on flow and incident detection, and its effect on travel times.

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