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TrafficGauge®, Inc.
mobile traffic map

TrafficGauge®, Inc. is dedicated to easing traffic problems in major cities around the world. It does this by empowering people with real-time traffic information, allowing them to make better decisions for their commute. Its primary product is the TrafficGauge® Mobile Traffic Map, the first real-time mobile traffic map initially launched in Seattle, WA where the company is headquartered. TrafficGauge’s always-on, fixed-screen map gives drivers an overview of freeway grids and pinpoints traffic slowdowns. Founded in 2001, privately-held TrafficGauge has launched practical time-saving TrafficGauge Mobile Traffic Map in Seattle, Los Angeles/Orange County, the San Francisco Bay Area and Singapore, with more cities to follow.
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speedinfo in the spotlight
    “We've been working with SpeedInfo for a little over a year and have been very pleased with them all-around. We went to SpeedInfo, because their competitor in the Bay area, Traffic.com was wholly unreliable (in all aspect of their business). They have very good data quality.

We calibrate and validate their data occasionally by drive testing. But more importantly, we have a large number of daily commuters who use our product in the SF Bay area (where we get SpeedInfo data) who are constantly providing feedback (via 800 phone number). The feedback from users is that the data quality of the Caltrans loops is poor (a well known fact from our LA users), and the SpeedInfo data is great. The user doesn't know the difference between the data sources when using our product, but rather they report problems in areas, we check the areas and determine the cause of the problem - SpeedInfo is never the cause of misinformation.

SpeedInfo’s help and responsiveness in answering any questions has been top notch. As compared to any other data sources (DOT or private), we found that they used a well thought out and sensible XML format that makes the whole data integration process extremely easy (as compared to about 25 other sources we have worked with). We rarely see SpeedInfo device malfunctions and when we're aware of problems we do notify them, and they are always aware of a problem in advance of our comments and have a truck ready to roll to fix it.

Honestly, having worked with 25 data sources in this industry, we rate SpeedInfo in terms of data quality, customer support, responsiveness, ability to hold to a plan, etc - an A+. I'd say the second best data provider (government or private) is B-. They are head and shoulders above the rest.”

President, TrafficGauge Inc. - MR. RYAN PETERSON

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